Competition Vs. Power

Does competition come from power or does power come from competition? I would like to say that they come from each other. You cannot have one without the other. If there is a competition, then the victor who arises will have all the power. The loser will have no power. Also, anyone that has all the power will sooner or later be challenged by others for that power. It is a constant cycle. We can see this happening every day in society. Rodolfo Henrique Cerbaro, a professor at the University of Passo Fundo, notes, “Power seems to be best understood as what counts as a means of determining a subject’s position in a given competition, or, in other words, what we use to rank the competitors” (149). Sports are a perfect example, because it has ranking. Power comes from ranking, since all the top ranking teams have the most money, endorsements, and fans. Those teams that do not have high ranking strive for that and there are competitions to allow them that chance. Cerbaro notices that competition helps us establish who are superior and inferior (149). There always has to be someone who is superior and inferior. It would not be a competition if there were no clear winner and loser. Without competition, there can be no growth. If there is no higher standard that people reach for, then everyone will stay the same. There always has to be something new and innovated out there that will inspire others to reach new heights and better themselves. Even if you lose in a competition, in the end you did better yourself. You are better than you were at the beginning, and that is still personal growth. Eventually those who were losers may become winners and gain all the power, but sometimes they might just give up or never make it. There will always be someone new for sure, that will take over and have all the power. That is just how the cycle works.


2 responses to “Competition Vs. Power

  1. I never truly thought of how power effected the desire that we have to achieve victory. We are such a competitive society that these competitive desires and mind sets are ingrained in who we are from the time we are children. We rarely think of winners and losers outside of our normal competitive roles such as sports but your blog post incites the audience to think further. As you discussed the effect of ranking and superiority i continue to understand how these aspects effect us through our entire lives rather than just simple competition we choose to compete in. Your blog was well written and would make a great basis for your essay.

  2. I believe competition and power do go hand in hand because, like you said, it is a never ending cycle of getting the power and having your power challenged. This made me think of if you are on a winning team and then even the people on the team could say, “We won because of me” and then it would be a whole new type of competition. Power and rankings are always going to be present when you are dealing with competition; it’s just human nature to want to compete with people around you. I think power is something everybody wants to have at some point in their life.

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